Recording Sessions Completed


The recording process for the new album is finished and I am looking at a release date in 2013 – I don’t want to commit myself to specifics at this moment but you can be assured the new songs will be out early next year. The album will feature eleven tracks including singles “The First Time Again” and “Just One Day” as well as others such as “Run to the End of the World”, “Satellite”, “When Red Blood Flows” and “Raindrops & Teardrops”.  A ‘new’ radio single will be released around the time of the album launch and I am mulling over two possibilities in this regard….  “Vagabond Hearts” or “Suddenly I Can’t Find You”. The first is a celtic influenced number whilst the second is more narrative and ballad like…… choices and dilemmas indeed.

Now the recording sessions are completed there are two other processes which need to be finished before the album goes for pressing/manufacture.

Firstly, the artwork and as I discussed in last month’s blog I do think the images and art are a great part of any album release. The artwork for the album is currently at the design stage and I’m expecting to see the proof in the next week or so.

There is also the issue of ‘mastering’ where basically the sonic quality of the recording is checked. It’s a form of audio post production, the process of preparing the recorded audio and final mixes to one MASTER from which pressing/manufacturing will take place. Remember, I have been working on this album for the last year so this process ensures levels from recordings in January match those done in October. It is also at this stage that the digital copyright information is assigned to the track so it registers with broadcasters etc. when played on the radio or TV for example.

I know that when I embarked on this album I had hoped to release it by autumn 2012 but as usual these creative endeavours tend to take on a life of their own, guiding you down paths not previously envisaged and they certainly don’t operate to a timeframe…. Lol.

Anyway I hope it will be worth the wait and you can be assured that in early 2013 I’ll be blogging about the NEW ALBUM…… I may even give it a name!!