Forthcoming Album – Progress So Far


Just thought I’d update you on ‘progress so far’ regarding my forthcoming  album. Most of the writing was completed last summer, autumn & winter with hours sat at the piano or playing the acoustic guitar. Scores were scribbled on papers, notes were etched in my ‘little black book’ and numerous bottles of wine were consumed.  It was now time to begin the recording process proper with the ‘rough demos’ in the bag and Producer Mike Frankland was brought on board for the project.

I started the process at the back end of last year with “The First Time Again”, which was not only a blueprint for the album’s general direction but also to be the first single from the long player. As some of you may know this was released worldwide on 06 February 2012 and it’s not only received airplay on national BBC Radio 2 here in the UK but also across Europe & the USA.

As I mentioned “The First Time Again” was a trail blazer for the album with its basic instrumentation – drums, bass, acoustic guitar & piano…. and there is the extra flavour added with the ukulele. Did you spot it in the song? The track itself was written on the piano with several other songs including the second track recorded for the album – “Suddenly I Can’t Find U”, which was recorded over a cold January having recovered from the flu and the excesses of the Festive Season.

Next up was a song I wrote many moons ago but had never actually recorded, despite rave reviews from friends and when played live…. “All of the World”. The arrangement for this song takes a slightly different turn with a key brass section melody. March saw the recording of what turned out to be the second radio single – “Just One Day” – check out the VIDEO . Next up was a brand new song in that it was written just weeks before recording – “Vagabond Hearts”. I think as you progress with an album project your sub-conscience fills in the spaces, the missing pieces of the jigsaw and even though you have written 90% of the material you have to leave the door open for new arrivals.

The summer has seen further songs recorded but I’ll discuss them next time around.

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